Best Straw Bags for the Beach and Beyond

on June 01, 2019

While it’s not exactly a surprise that straw bags are this summer’s must-have accessory, what’s new this year is that the popularity of this vacation essential is expanding beyond the. Whether it’s a cross body bag, top-handle clutch, classic beach bag, or tote, it’s hard to deny the popularity of this trend.

Handmade Woven Rattan Bag

Straw bags are quite literally the definition of timeless as they go way back in history. People have been weaving natural fibers into baskets as early as ancient Egypt and, to this day, the technique hasn’t really changed. So what makes them so attractive to the modern-day woman?


Handmade Natural Straw Woven Rattan Bags

Well, first of all, they are quite sturdy. Nowadays, most bags are crafted from rattan, a general term referring to about 600 types of climbing palm species that — because of their durability — are also used for furniture, home building, and even sports equipment. 

Straw bags are also super light, which is probably why totes, in particular, are so popular — they fit a lot without adding much extra weight.


Handmade Straw Bags Summer Fashion Handbags

And last, but definitely not least, they are so effortlessly stylish. Artisans have elevated the technique to an art, creating beautiful patterns and structured shapes ranging from the classic bucket bag to circles and half moon shapes. So it’s no wonder that designers have taken straw bags as a source of inspiration and put a modern twist on them.

Here, we rounded up this summer's chicest straw bags to tote to the pool and beyond.


Summer Fashion Women's Handmade Rattan Bags

Summer Fashion Women's Handmade Bucket Rattan Bags

Circle buckle cute braid basket hand straw braid square handbag. Structured bucket bags look great paired with jeans, dresses or shorts.  Love this option for under $50. This one gets great reviews.

Famous Designer Woven Knitting Crossbody Straw Bags

HOT SALE! Famous Designer Woven Knitting Crossbody Straw Bags

Remember a day when you just didn’t know what to wear, despite all of the clothes in your wardrobe? We feel for you. Our boho Straw bag is your alternative to a well-planned outfit. Toss in anything knowing whether you choose the light or dark shades, this shoulder bag will still pop. It’s donned with a leather strap and secure button closure, to ensure everything is kept in one place. Turn it into a boho cross body bag or simply use it as a handbag – whichever suits your style.

Summer Bali Hand Woven Women Rattan Bag Round Shoulder Crossbody Straw Bags

Summer Bali Hand Woven Women Rattan Bag Round Shoulder Crossbody Straw Bags

Bring your life to nature. Totally handmade bag, leather strap, high quality material makes you feel comfortable and engoy your life - Without paint, it has no chemical process, it is normal if it has a slight flavor, so it is better in the sun a day or two days - Unique The sense of thickness --- With time passing, the real craftsman is more and less. Fortunately, this product is full of their feelings, they did it with a needle, very careful - This unique round woven shoulder Straw bag is big enough for your mobile phone, small wallet, lippy and even your sunshine - High quality durable rattan bag and long leather strap.


Summer Straw Bucket Shoulder Bag Handmade Lace Crossbody Bags NEW DESIGN 2019

Summer Straw Bucket Shoulder Bag Handmade Lace Crossbody Bags

Unique Handmade Designs: Bucket Lace Woven Handbag. Love the lace and woven details on this one! Plus it comes with 2 changeable straps for different looks.

Round Rattan Bags DIY Handmade Travel Beach Bags

New Beach Rattan Handbags Round Woven Straw Shoulder Bag

Enjoy summer with this fancy bag on your shoulder! The bag’s size allows you to carry all necessities with you. It will be a perfect accessory to your summer outfits.

I’ll keep adding to this list as I find more cute and affordable options 



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